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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Week on the Horizon....

My week off starts in seven hours (but who is counting?) and I have a ton of stuff I need to get done both in the real work and in the hobby world. I have settled on my two lists for ConQuest Toronto and only need to decide my reinforcements for one of the lists. We will be heading up to Toronto Saturday late morning/early afternoon so I have five days to try and accomplish the following (some of which I have no choice)

*Tuesday I have to work at my other job
*I am having windows replaced on the entire backside of the house Wednesday/Thursday. I need to get everything currently around the windows safely moved to other location. This includes my current paint station in one room and a shelf with boxes of unassembled minis, gaming books, and supplies in the other room. I will also have to move furniture around from room to room and floor to floor.
*On top of this I want/need to get the two lists I am playing at ConQuest fully painted this includes
  • finish a partially painted bomber
  • finish the Boomhowlers
  • paint scouts
  • paint second champ hero (possible reinforcement option)
  • finish/paint runeshapers (again possible reinforcement option)
  • clean up a few previously "finished" minis (rushed to get the to be hardcore eligible)
*Paint a mini for this weeks 'scrum challenge (maybe one of the above or a boneswarm)
*Pick up Team Spite t-shirts
*Pack up and finalize plans for travel to Canada.
*All of this plus spend time with the family so not to draw the ire of the wifey :)

I am planing to try and set up shop in the basement Wednesday while the guys are working on the windows and just bang out minis. I think the wife plans on getting the boys out of the house for most of the day seeing as they will try and "help" put the windows in too if they are home.

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