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Friday, March 23, 2012

Procrastination/'Scrum Week 10 WIP/ConQuest Prep

Like I stated the other day I was delusional to think I was going to get all of the my two lists to hardcore standards in time for ConQuest. I was never really able to get a solid painting session in this week. This was not due to lack of opportunity but rather lack of focus. I was sit down to paint and only put in 20min and then find something else to do instead.
One of those things was head out to the store Wednesday afternoon to drop of the shirts for Scudo and PG_Z1G1. I brought my Battlefoam bag and figured while I was there might as well grab a game too....right? I played PG_Z1G1 and an Old Witch list he has been practising for ConQuest. I brought my Grim list which I will be bringing to ConQuest. His list had all the nastiness you could think of: Kayazy assassins, the Deathstar, Joe, Alexia, the Great Bears, and a Behemoth for good measure. In an event I am not sure I would have played this list against him but I didn't really have a choice seeing as it was all I brought. I am pretty sure if his list only had a few of the elements the Grim list is the way to go but not when it has all of them. The game was back and forth but he ended up winning. I did learn a few things which should come in handy when playing the list this weekend.

I was able to get some painting in last night after everyone was asleep. I put on an episode of Lost Hemisphere and sat in the basement for about an hour. I find when I am listening to the podcast I want to interject or argue with one of the people speaking....that make me crazy? I guess only if I start talking to them right? I was able to get my second Champ Hero near finished which is good seeing as he is going to be this weeks 'Scrum entry....oh and I am using him as reinforcements in my pMaddy list this weekend. I am working a few hours today for my buddy and have a MD appointment but I should have time this evening to button him up with little issues. Here are the wips of Champion Hero number two.

Despite not getting everything fully painted I think met the original goal of baseline painting so all is not lost.  He needs to have the green tartan highlighted, the nail/claw sections painted, and the base finished. I also assembled some stuff in anticipation of April/May. I have decided that over the next month or two I am going to play one Troll 'lock exclusively. He is one I have never played but more on that next week. I will also be sprinkling in some painting/gaming with Khador.

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