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Thursday, March 29, 2012

ConQuest Day 2 (Sunday)

We all awoke ~6am pretty groggy from the day before. After heading down to see our free breakfast at the hotel we decided to head down the road and grab breakfast at Tim Horton's. After fueling up on breakfast sandwiches we drove down to the Legion hall. After unpacking and settling in we set up for a pre-tournament game of Quarriors! to get the competitive juices flowing. This time we got a four man game between Scudo, Ty, Zack and myself. Zack won the Quake Dragon arms race and won the game. It was at this time the SNAFUs kicked in. Zack was missing all his card for his Old Witch list. He left them at Hero's World. Luckily the store own was playing in the event and had not left the store yet. We were able to get Northblade to give him a shout and he brought them over....crisis avoided. I left my pre-printed army lists in the hotel room and had to re-write my lists. Game time!

Zack rockin' the unofficial Team Spite shirt and look's Bloke.

After opening remarks by Jamie (Northbalde) pairing were announced and I headed to my table. Game one I was paired up against Frank the lone Legion player at the event. We were going to be playing the demolition scenario. I picked up his lists and looked down to see eVayl and Saeryn...great. I know Saeyrn fairly well (played against a similar list at Templecon) but I have never played against eVayl.....pMadrak it is. I know the list pretty well and felt I could adapt best using Madrak. I won the roll and elected to go second.

Frank's Legion was very nicely painted and looked great across the table from me I only wish I got more photos (this will be a recurring theme of the day). Round one was the standard moving into position turn. I have this turn down pretty well as I have a specific cycle I like to go through to get buffs where they need to be. I use my runebearer's power glyph *action to put surefoot up on Madrak and save the fury so that it can be dumped into the stone. When the turn is done Mulg and the EDBT have elemental communion are standing in front of Janissa's wall and befitting from surefoot putting them at def 13/arm 23 and 14/22 under the effects of the stone, Madrak and Janissa are behind the wall benefiting from cover, Janissa has flaming fist on her from the pyre to negate Legion shooting, the stone has popped +arm and immune to continuous effects, and the whelps are in position to be eaten and full fury next turn. I looked at the board to start turn two and saw my assassination run all set up. The legionnaires were all in the middle of the table with the pot behind them and Vayl next to them. I move Madrak forward to keep everyone in his control area, cast carnage, and popped feat. Mulg then went through the entire unit of legionnaires and the pot to be in melee with Vayl. Mulg was rolling dice +5 and on the first his I roll a 10 forcing him to use his only transfer. Mulg had 2 more attacks left needing 6s to hit..both missed UT OH. I barely was able to survive the counter on Madrak but finished Vayl off on the next turn. It got a little scary but I was able to escape round one with a W.

Round two I was paired up against Matt playing Retribution. I forget what is other list was but he selected Ossyan as his caster. The scenario for this round was gauntlet. I forgot to take picture before the game started so the following pictures show him part way through turn one. Of all the Ret 'caster Ossyan is the one I have played most but that isn't saying much as I think it is only three times. Once again I won the opening roll and decided to go second and pick sides. Turn one he put up his upkeeps and advanced his force and I did my standard Madrak turn one. I also took a flyer with my pyre troll at his mage hunter assassin and got the aoe to drift straight ahead at max distance right on top of her. It did no damage but did set her on fire.  Turn two he advanced, popped feat, and did a large CRA with the invictors into Mulg but only did a few points of damage on the 23 arm beast and just made him angry (speed +2). Looking at the board at the beginning of my turn I saw Ossyan fairly well protected from a front assault with both heavies and part of a wall blocking angles. however, upon further review he was exposed on the right side to a crusher by running through the unit of invictors. I popped carnage and charge Madrak into some troops in the middle of the board killing them but not moving too far with crusher as to move Mulg's crusher path out of my control area (also left some spare fury just in case). The EBDT activated put EC on Mulg then took the opportunity to wreck a banshee in case this assassination failed for some reason. Mulg (now speed 8 from EC and being damaged) charge the invictors and curled around right into over.

Round three I was paired up against Brandon and our trollblood brethren. He was running pMadrak
I completely forgot to take any photos this round :( The mission was bunkers which was a reinforcement scenario. I one the roll once again and went second. Turn one had no real action other than the standard buff and move by both players. Despite appearing pretty safe I was once again able to set up a Mulg assassination run versus Grim. I was able to get to Grim after casting rush to get pathfinder, having +2 speed from relentless, and going through Janissa and a fell caller via crusher. When I got to Grim my first swing was a crit which slammed him into an EBDT standing right next to him but not taking him out of melee with Mulg. At that point I was auto hitting with PS 19 tree over. OK so I am now 3-0 but have not touched list two. I pretty much have to play the Grim list round four.
Round four and there were, if my memory is correct, four undefeated players left Scudo, JDWhitee from the LH crew, Matt, and myself. I was hoping to avoid JDWhitee so hat if we both won I could face off against him in the finals to avenge my Hardcore lose to him at Templecon. As it turned out I drew Matt playing Khador for my forth round match up. He was playing a pIrusk and Old Witch list. This actually turned out to be a good time to play my Grim list as I tried to design it for high def armies which he was going to have with iron flesh Kayazy and/or winter guard. The game started out with both of us feeling out the other. I was able to draw first blood with a few bomber aoe drifts into the Kayazy. We both made a few mistakes in the game which I think was due to being tired. He forgot to feat after he engaged which I think turned out to help him as my counter attack actually killed some of the assassins clearing a charge lane for his next turn. Turn three saw his battle lusted Great Bears mulch my EBDT. The lose of my EBDT was a major turning point of the match as I had a hard time cracking both of his heavies at this point. At this time he moved iron flesh to Irusk making him very tough to hit. At this point we were stuck in an attrition game which I was losing. The game ended with Grim being dropped at the hands (spear) of a spriggan with both of us having under 10min left on our death clocks. Near the end of our game we found out that the tournament was going to end after this round as the Legion was kicking us out for the night.

After this game there was a frantic rush to get the tables picked up, armies packed away, raffles drawn, and results announced. I was packing my bag when Northblade made the announcement I had finished 3rd, with JDWhitee 2nd, and Matt finishing 1st.
Despite being cut a little short the day was pretty awesome. We had 30 players and the faction breakdown for the event was as follows:

                                             Cygnar: 3                                   Circle: 3
                                             Cryx: 4                                       Legion: 1
                                             Khador: 6                                  Skorne: 3
                                             Mercs: 1 (Searforge)                  Trollblood: 3
                                             Menoth: 1                                  Minions: 1
                                             Retribution: 4

Now for some random photos:

Scudo getting ready to rumble. That boy ain't right.

Zack giving it up for the Queen.

 Ty getting ready for round one vs (hey I know that guy) Valrus

 Brian setting up round one before the Mt Dew withdrawal kicked in and he had to drop from the tourney.

 Northblade and Zack enjoying a laugh (and beverage) after the event

Back in the states. No more gaming for a bit :(

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