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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delusion of Grandeur

I don't know what I was thinking saying I was going to try and get all of that stuff to finished status...I must have taken a blow to the head not too long ago. I spent Monday recovering from the week of work and did really nothing around the house. Luckily the buddy I work part time for didn't need me today so I was able to do my house work and errands today but this has left very little painting. I did some work on the unit of scouts and a little on my second champion hero but that is about it. As you you can see not too much to speak of. The champ is going to be this weeks 'scrum entry. Even those it is a touch past midnight and I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house still I am hoping to get the yellow metal put on the hero and then the metal wash before bed.

The guys are coming to replace the windows so I set up a paint station in the basement and will camp out down there while they work. I should be able to get a fair amount done but no way I can get it all buttoned up. Thursday I should be able to sneak a little painting in, Friday will be a wash as I have a MD appointment in the am and working the rest of the day, and Saturday we hit the road for the Great White North.
I did get a chance to pick up the unofficial Team Spite t-shirt for the event. I am please with how they came out.

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