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Friday, March 1, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Well February is over and that happened in the blink of an eye. I really haven't been able to get too much work in on my sluggers but they are pretty much done being basecoated. Here you can see them in their current state:

I painted the paints P3 rucksack tan, boot and gloves P3 bootstrap leather, the guns were painted with a 1:2 mix of VMA black:VMA steel, the other white metal sections were painted VMA steel, the yellow metal sections were painted with VMC bronze, and the tartan was painted with VMC Russian green. I washed the paints with GW sepia wash but will most likely have to do it again later on.

Next up with be to wash the skin and metal with my armor wash and wash the bootstrap sections with my dark leather wash. At the current time the female slugger will be the leader as my box had two leader minis but I have received a second female mini from PP and once she is assembled and painted she will fall in as the forth grunt and one of the leader minis will take a seat on the bench.

The next thing I want to cover in this post is my newest obsession....Wild West Exodus. As you have seen from my last few posts I am pretty fired up about this kickstarter and the minis they have been showing. Once again here is a link to the project WWX. They added two new pledge levels today for those looking to focus on a single faction. Those of you that follow along know I have serious FADD so I will be getting all four factions (hopefully five if the lawmen unlock).

The other day I sent Outlaw minis an email discussing the project and asked if they happened to have any of the test minis available still. I have seen a few of these on other more prominent blogs and on the KS itself. I figured I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell but figured it didn't hurt to ask. Well Outlaw got back to me and said they only had a few left but would mail me one......WOW! I have to say as impressed as I have been with the art and 3D renders they have been showing I have been even more impressed with how Outlaw Miniatures have been listening to the community and how they genuinely appear to care what the community wants (ie the new levels today). When I went to get he mail today this was in the mail box:

 Front and back of the sprue

 Assembled leg sections and torso

  Only issue for me

So the mini was really easy to work with. As much as I love Privateer Press working with their plastic models makes me insane. This plastic was like the old GW minis I used to assemble and WAY easier to work with than PPs. The mold line were pretty minimal and cleaned very easily with a hobby knife. I missed a few in my haste to assemble and prime this bad boy but if it took my time there would have been no problem. The only place I had an issue was with the small spine section seen in the 4th picture above. It was a very small piece and my sausage fingers had a hard time manipulating the piece and getting it just right. The final molds my end up having a different break down as currently it feels like there are more pieces than needed but I have to say after getting my hands on this test mini I am only more excited to get the final minis in my hands. Look for painted pics by the end of next week. OK of to work have a good weekend y'all.


  1. with those fingers, you would have made a fine Proctologist

    1. tsk tsk you're not right my friend :)