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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Back: What's in the Box!

It has been a while since Rob has done a commission for me. This isn't for my lack of desire but due to him being extremely busy at the beginning of this year. If you don't follow his blog he has been making display tables/boards for both Cool Mini or Not (Kings of Wraith) and for Outlaw Miniatures (Wild West Exodus).

I received an email from Rob at the beginning of March saying he had some openings if I had some project I wanted to get done....ha I always have stuff that needs to get done. After a few emails deciding on what would be in this batch I sent of my stuff and anxiously anticipated it's return.Well Friday's mail was delivered and what was in the mail box...just a package from Jersey. I love getting cool stuff in the mail.
As I mentioned a few posts back I have been getting more interested in working on my Protectorate of Menoth again as you saw the High Relaimer wips. The first two items I will be showing are for my Menoth army. The first is actually for the FADD army which I failed to finish on time if you recall those posts.

Here is a guardian for my PoM but more specifically from Reznik and my NQ theme force. I like the idea of having a node with Reznik for perdition and when it is on a heavy that can do some serious damage with Iron Aggression even better. Since my PoM is all based on the new plastics 'jacks the guardians legs seemed out of place. The correct for this I sent Rob a set of plastic legs and a plastic crusaders head to match the current line better. you can see in the bottom photo he had to add a little plasticard and rod to tie it all together.

The banners for the guardians back had their poles removed and replaced with sturdier brass rod. He did this on his own and damn am I happy he did. The banners will be easier to paint this way and have a nicer connection point. I wasn't sure I was going to add the banners but I am leaning more towards including them now.  
Next there was just a plain old repenter. Just basic assembly and pinned to the resin bases. In both cases the jacks are not glued on just pinned so I can paint them separate from the bases.

The next part of the shippent is my favorite part. I have been playing with Gunnbjorn theme lists for a long time now. Those of you familiar with the theme for know that for every two units in the army you get a trench to deploy on your side of the board. Having seen all the terrain he has been doing lately it hit me to have ROb build me a trench or two for the theme force. He had a few questions for me so he could match my static grass and ground sections to my based minis and BOOM!

 Two trench section that can fit perfectly together if desired.
The interior of the trench is exactly the size of the trench template from the back of Prime/Primal
 Nog! Hurry up and finish us so we don't look completely terrible in this awesome trench!

As you can clearly see there is a slope leading up to the trench sections. The plastic jack didn't have too much of an issue staying on it but if it were a heavier metal jack/beast or was more top heavy it may be an issue
Not an issue


"Hi guys"
Rob included four rock sections to use as wedges to prop up any mini approaching the trench..... hopefully the sluggers will mow them down before they get there but just in case :)
Well that concludes this episode of "What's in the Box" my favorite of all posts. In my next post I think I will be doing a building a wall tutorial seeing as I need one for Gunnbjorn, one for Janissa, and up to four for the pDoomshaper theme force and I "misplaced" my two at Templecon.

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