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Monday, March 18, 2013

Final Hours

The Wild West Exodus kickstarter I have been following so closely is coming down to the final three hours. The KS has seen a flurry of activity over the last 48hours and has gone up nearly $50k! This big bump has unlocked some really sweet minis. The first of which was a mini release for the Lawmen. Outlaw miniatures decided to push up some of the minis from the original $375K stretch goal due to the large amount of interest in the faction. Here are the concepts:

Since the release is a mini release and not a full release there are no heavy weapon hired hands yet or light and heavy support pieces. Even without these items I think the Lawmen may be my favorite faction of the lot now. due to the nature of the release these cannot be swapped out for starter boxes but can be added to any pledge for $60.


We have also unlocked the wave 2 light support options for the union and outlaw factions and the enlightened and warrior nation are around the corner. I liked the wave one lights but light these even better. OK so with the KS ending in ~3hours this will be one of my last WWX posts until we get some more previews or I can give the beta rules a good once over. If you are on the fence and want to jump on board time is running out.


  1. A buddy and I went in on it - we're splitting one of the Shameless packages - he just wanted half of the Fiendish, so I get the extra vehicles and what not. Definitely have to make sure I add the lawmen though.

    1. Yeah I bumped up to shameless last min and added the lawmen. I love the UR-30 and Doc. It feels odd not having the KS to follow so closely now that it is over. We have 5 guys in my local meta that backed this so looking forward to really giving it a go