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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homestretch for Wild West Exodus

Well one of the two kickstarters that I have backed and been following very closely ends in one week. Wild West Exodus is coming down the homestretch and will close on St Patricks day. One of the game creators was recently on a podcast and had some really cool information: ... st-exodus/

I have to say the story spoiler about Lincoln I thought was really cool and has me more excited to make an army list featuring Lincoln and Pinkerton. I also thought that the background info on the Warrior Nation was really cool but also made me realize there are really no "good guy" faction in this game. and that everyone has their fair share of "evil"

I also have done a little more work on my enlightened grunt. I highlighted up his pants and washed the leather straps holding the exoskeleton in place. I have to say this mini has been really fun to work on and I am excited to paint more minis for WWX. The finish touches will include popping a few highlights on the metal sections and a could small splotches of blood.

Lastly Outlaw did two more previews yesterday showing of the wave 2 hired hands for the enlightened and the "terrain" piece civilians of the west.

I really like these new hired hands. Curse you Outlaw can you make one of the factions a "dud" so I don't want to buy all of them? They are also talking about retooling the wave 1 grunts a little. I hope they don't change them up too much as I have been really happy with the test one they sent me.

Here are the civilians. I say they are "terrain" because they are not going to game direct game play rules per say but they can be used as meat shield by your characters and you can have them take a bullet for you. The discussion on the kickstarter says you can even use actions to drag them around with you so you can have them soak up that first wound whenever it is needed. I think this a really cool concept. I don't plan on adding them to my pledge at this time but I like the concept a lot.

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