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Monday, March 25, 2013

Building Some Walls

OK so I mentioned the other day that I was working on some new rock walls for my troll army. I lost the two walls I had previously built at Templecon this year. I thought through my lists and figured I could use four or five walls just for my armies. Since I was going to be making a bunch of walls I figured I'd do a step by step and put it up here for y'all to look at.

First I grabbed a piece of plasticard. This was a spare piece I had left over from some other project.
It just happens that is was already cut to 4" wide.
Wall templates are 4" x 0.75" and since I already had my length set I started to measure out 0.75" strips. I marked these with a mechanical pencil then went back and scored the plasticard with my exacto knife and straight edge. If you haven't worked with plasticard you do not have to cut all the way through the piece. After putting a nice scoring line you just have to apply some pressure and it will snap off cleanly along the line you previously marked.  

  Like a glove.
Now it was time to go to the terrain drawer and grab a sheet of cork. When I was there something caught my eye and spun me off in a different direction for a little bit.
I bought this box of Tamiya sandbags well over a year ago with some plan for them that I never got around to (don't even remember what). After getting my trenches from Rob last Friday I thought one sandbag wall for Gunnbjorn would go very well thematically with the sandbags he put n the top of his trenches.

When I opened the box and poured out the contents this is what I had inside. As you can see I put some other parts in the box as well (also from Tamiya).

I did a little mock up with the bags then started to glue

All put together and one again the sluggers look at me menacingly to finish painting them.

Next I decided to mess around with some of the brick sections. I drilled some bullet holes and scratched in some battle damage.

Played around with mock up and threw a few extra sandbags in there for good measure.

OK now to what I intended in the first place. I grabbed the cork board and began to rip strips off that were roughly the size of my plasicard sections. .

I stacked these up until I got a design I was happy with. To keep the tops from being perfectly flat I glues some of the little scrap pieces of cork on top 

Lastly I head down to the cave and primed all five wall sections with Vallejo surface primer black primer via the airbrush. I have three more walls to build (making two for Oxyguy and his Gorten army) then it will be on to painting which I will cover later.

If you need some walls this is a very simple project that yields nice results (in my opinion) with more character than a store bought wall. It helps give those little personal feels to an army that says this is my army. OK once I get to painting these bad boys I will put up some step by steps for y'all to check out.

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