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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gargantuans: More Thoughts

I have to say I am really impressed with the Gargantuans book as a whole. The more I look over it the more and more I like what I read. I think you we are going to see a lot of these minis on the tables pretty regularly even after the "new toy" phase passes. I am going to babble about some of the things I am most excited to try out or buy.


The more I look at the Hunters Grim the more I can't wait to play them. Mortality is just a stupid good spell and I cannot wait to abuse the hell out of it. I have playing with list ideas in my head for the last few days and it really feels like you can play anything with him and he makes them pretty solid. Most of the lists I have been building have been at the 35pt level and while this is not my favorite point level it seems to be where are meta is comfortable at the current time. I'd like to put a melee heavy in the lists but at 35pts I just haven't been able to squeeze it in. I think the melee beasts for him with be Rok or EBDT and I am leaning towards Rok as the ability to put primal on a bomber or blitzer and then allowing them to charge for free with blood lure from Headhunter can turn them into melee monsters. Here is the latest builds I am playing around with:

Hunters Grim (-4pts)
*Blitzer (9pts)
*Impaler (5pts)
*Runebearer (2pts)
Scattergunners: full (8pts)
*UA (2pts)
Dygs: full (6pts)
Bone Grinders: min (2pts)
Fell Caller (3pts)
SSC (2pts)

I am pretty excited about this list and think it will be pretty damn fun to play. It uses a few models I have never played before (blitzer, scattergunners, and bone grinders) but I think trying new minis will be I have been meaning to play them anyways. I would like to put the fennblade kithkar in there instead of the SSC to have a commander near the dygs to try and mitigate failed command checks but since I have no idea when he is to be released I left him off. I didn't worry too much about trying to build around the feat but instead built around mortality (so good). The nice thing about the scattergunners is that on the feat turn they should be able to mark most of their own spray targets or let the dygs mark, spray over the dygs, clear a lane for the dygs to charge. The scattergunners will also be the mirage target in most cases. I went with the blitzer to have access to repulsion and the potential volume of attacks he can put out. The bone grinders are a unit I have been meaning to get on the table with Calandra but getting mortality (did I mention I like it) up to 12" is nice. I am really excited to try this out and may play my first game with a proxy mini just to do it.

One last thing on the Hunters Grim...I think this may be the home for the mountain king as once again mortality make everything just better and there is always the snare gun for KDs. The longer I look over the book the more the warders are growing on me. You really get a lot of model for not a lot of points. I am a big fan of the kithkar. He is a really good combat solo and can replace the champ hero in the dyg support package and reduce the cost of the dyg package by a point. I also see a home for him in my pMaddy beast brick. He would make a very nice crusher target and also save me a point over the champ hero. Still cannot get my head around the night troll. OK enough about trolls lets talk about some other cool stuff.

Circle: They got some pretty amazing things in this book and it is making me want to work on my circle army again.

-Morvahna: best 'lock in the book in my opinion. The model looks beautiful, the spell list is top notch (can you go wrong with purification?), and her feat is sweet. All in all she is an A caster in my views and I would be shocked if she doesn't see a ton of competitive play the remainder of this year.
-Rip Horn Satyr: Wow this guy is awesome too. His damage output is going to be scary with 3 base attacks of p+s 16 (4 with smash & grab), a free charge, and circle buffs. I know Scudo is crazy excited about this guy. Damn you Scudo (just 'cause)
-Warpborn Alpha: He got spoiled a while back and he is still really good.

Skorne: Also got a lot of really nice minis. I think the general feeling is they got the best gargantuan by a long stretch in the mammoth. Skorne is one of the two factions I do not own a single mini for but PP keeps pushing me closer and closer to picking some up.

-Makeda3: She looks like a blast to play. She is an in your face I will take care of it myself kinda girl. The feat looks like it could get out of control and be a blast if you are playing her. The models for the unit are really nice too.
-Reptile hounds: Look like a fun little lessers
-Despoiler: I like this guy. Mordikar has been one of the skorne warlocks I have been interested in painting/playing and this beast is his baby. Unlike some of the other characters beasts of late (looking at you Rok) this mini begs to be with Mordikar.
-Willbreaker: Like the warpborn he was spoiled a little while ago and is also still good

Legion: Haven't really looked at much. I am not overly interested in legion right now.

Minions: I have a soft spot for minions. I have a blindwater army and I have wanted to start a thornfall force ever since I painted up Carver for Les. I was able to hold off on thornfall but then the Sturm and Drang theme force pushed me closer to the edge. I am afraid that Midas and his theme force may just push me over the edge.

-Midas: A really solid 'lock across the board. I don't think he as a bad spell on his list between bad blood, battle lust, calamity, and hex blast. His feat brings back minis and his collection of bone tokens mean you don't care if his beasts die. His theme force is full of minis I have wanted to add to my collection or already have. Bone grinders we already mentioned, Slaughterhousers I have wanted to try Jarl, he can use boneswarms (have three), and the pig beasts are just so cool. Here is my very first shot at a list:

Midas (-5pts)
*War Hog (8pts)
*War Hog (n/a) <---T4 benefit starts dead
*Boneswarm (4pts)
*BoneSwarm (4pts)
*Razor Boar (2pts)
*Razor Boar (2pts)
Slaughterhouser (6pts)
Slaughterhouser (6pts)
Bone grinders: min (2pts)
Bone grinders: min (2pts)
Bone grinders: min (2pts)
Bone grinders: min (2pts)

This is T4 granting me a dead beast as listed above, three corpse tokens on both boneswarms, and 4 war beast get advance more. What’s not to love here? At 50pt just add more razor boars, grinders, and road hogs to taste :)

This has gotten long. Real quick....Rask = really good, Shamblers = good just not pAlexia good, mechanic = good 1pt filler if you are playing a battle engine.

Like I said I am a fan of what PP did with this book and looking forward to seeing these minis in play.

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