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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Enlightened Hired Hand....Done

So I finished my enlightened grunt for Wild West Exodus. I just need to base him but since Outlaw is using a new style base for their minis I will have to wait until I get my hands on one.

The mini was fun to paint. I may have highlighted the paint a little too much but all in all I am pleased with how this gentleman turned out. Despite these guys not be zombies per say I did add a little gore to the stitching on the arm and to the face. I used the blowing technique described in Hordes: Metamorphosis.

The kick starter is in it's last 48 hours and moving along well right now. I am hoping to knock down a few more stretch goals over the remaining hours and unlocking some cool new toys. I still need to figure out which faction will be my "main" and to figure out how I am going to break down my pledge to optimize the utilization of my fund. Here is something Outlaw announced the other day that
I thought was really cool:

This miniature was announced the other day. I know you may be thinking so what they showed another mini. Well the really cool thing about this one is it was created by an anonymous backer. Here is the statement from Outlaw:

"A secret backer that would like to remain anonymous reached out to us with a cool idea.  He asked if he could personally fund the creation of a model and supply it free to all backers at the Fiendish and above levels. 
This means that one of the guys that helped back this project actually will pay for the manufacturing of each of the free minis and the design work going into the model.  If that is not the coolest thing in the world I don't know what is."

Once again if you are on the fence or would like to know more swing by:

Here are a few more or the recent photos from Outlaw minis:

These models are updated version of previous 3d renders based on community response. In the picture there are one civilian, one Union hired hand, three outlaw hired hands, and the two outlaw heavy weapon hired hands. I love the outlaw with the .50cal on the crate.


  1. He's definitely not highlighted too much. The pants have fantastic contrast to them! From the pictures I'd say you could probably have gone one more highlight on the shirt too.

    Looks great! Nice work.

  2. Thanks buddy. I was thinking of one more highlight with the red but done have the color I want right now. It was a pleasure to work on this guy I hope this translates to the entire line.