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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's in Your Heeeaaad, in Your Heeeeaaaad.....

Zombie, Zombie, Zombay ay ay oh....

OK sorry about that :) I have not been able to play many games of warmahordes since heading to Rochester a few weekends ago for a tourney. I have been theorymachining gargantuans and brainstorming for a potential tourney this weekend. Since I haven't been playing WM/H I have been playing some solo games of zombicide here at home to get some gaming in.

I really have been enjoying this game since picking up at Templecon. I have played about a dozen games by myself and about 6-10 with a buddy up the street. I have not too much success so far with the game as my win percentage has ben abysmal. I have won two if my solos games and only one of our team games. I think some of the loses can be attributed to running our of zombies and I hope the new tray of zombies I got from the abomination pack will help alleviate this issue.

I clear myself a spot on the dinning room table and set up mission 10 from the rule book: Small town. I have only played mission 09 and 10 as solo since I don't wasn't to set up a 3x3 grid and the 2x2 missions seem to play pretty quickly (3 and 4 year olds love to move pieces around).

I really wanted to try out the new characters so I picked them out of the pile of cards and then randomly selected the next three. Here you can see my starting six survivors and the equipment they started the game with. El Cholo starting with the double machetes really helps the groups damage output right from the get go 

 All set up and ready to roll.

A few turns in and the survivors are holding their own...
The crew has picked up some really good equipment pretty quickly while doing a really good job of keeping everyone in the blue.

 Victory condition met! Survivors win with no casualties and little issues.

I decided to try and get all the survivors off the board via the entry point to make it more thematic.

Really not too many issues getting back off the board. My crew had a ton of damage output at this point and was really able to mow down zombie like it was their job. I have to say of the new characters I think I like Nick the best. The tough ability that he has right from the blue level is really powerful and helps correct for some "bad luck" situations. I really wish I was on this kickstarter so I could have some of the other exclusive characters from season one but alas I missed out on that one. I really would like to have the Angelina, Bruce Campbell, and Samuel L Jackson characters from season one.....oh well cant have everything.

I ended up playing the mission again the next day with only one of the new survivors and once again I was able to win easy. I am not sure why all of a sudden my games have been easier...luck of the draw, the new survivors, or that I am just getting the hang of the game better. Either way I am still having a blast playing the game and hope that my success in solo games translates to my next group game and we can finally beat mission 01 from the rule book. We may be playing it Thursday night if we can set up a group and get away for the night.

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