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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Undead Everywhere....

So seems like I have been over run with the undead. The undead are hitting me from two different game systems. The first is from Wild West Exodus the sci-fi western kickstarter I have been going on an on about recently. The second is zombicide which also has a KS running. I have been playing a bunch of single games of zombicide recently and also got a game in the other night with two buddies. OK on to some painting.

As you may recall the good people at Outlaw sent me an enlightened grunt so I have been banging away on him. My hopes is to finish him to day as I have a Warmahordes tourney tomorrow which will take up the entire day. Here are a few shots of the poor little guy....

While the photos aren't great I am happy with how he is coming together. Prior to receiving this mini I was really not that interested in the enlightened but I like them more and more as this guy progresses.....curse you outlaw do I really need all four factions! At this time I am calling the skin and shirt done. The metal is nearly there just need to hit a few highlights to call them finished, the pants will require a couple highlights as well. I think I am going to change the suspenders and straps to P3 rucksack tan but not 100% on that yet. What do you think?

A few more random photos from WWX before I switch over to my next undead item. These two photos appeared on the WWX kickstarter page and facebook today. The first is for the yet unlocked Wyatt Earp boss of the lawmen faction:

The second photo is of the warrior nations heavy support option the Great Elk. I have been leaning toward the warrior nation since the beginning of the kickstarter as my primary faction and this guy does not disappoint.

Ok that is it for WWX at this time. If you like what you see head over the kickstarter page and take a look at some other sexy minis. The KS has 9 days left.

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