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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kickstarter Knock if Off!!!!

As you may have been aware I have been in lover with Wild West Exodus and have been following that Kickstarter very closely. At the current time they have a nice chunk of changed pledged and this may only go up as we near the end of the KS. I have started basecoating the enlightened grunt

Yesterday I get an email alerting me to a new kickstarter I "may be interested in" This email was from Cool Mini or Not since I pledge both Relic Knights and Rivet Wars by them. The email was to alter me to the release of Toxic Mall and Season Two of Zombicide. Those of you that check in on the regular know I fell in love with this game after my demo at Templecon and in playing it after I returned. Well looks like I will be pledging another game....thank God the wife doesn't read my blog! Curse you Kickstarter you won this one.....take my money.

Toxic mall is an expansion to the original game 

Prison outbreak is a new stand alone game

Think the bog says it all

OK back tot he Warmahordes front. Les, AKA Oxyguy, has been working with some guys from Buffalo and Rochester to try and set up a cup series consisting of three tournaments with each meta hosting one of the events. They are calling it the "Thruway Cup". Those of you not too familiar with Central/Upstate New York the thruway (I90) run pretty much directly through the state in a straight line from Buffalo in the west to Albany in the east before heading south toward the city.

I don't know all the ins and outs of the "series" but the first event will be a week from today out in Rochester. This is going to be a SR2013, divide and conquer, 42min death clock, specialists, and  a limited selection of scenarios in play. I have been playing with lists back and forth for the last few days. While I really prefer to play trolls at 50pt I think I have some solid lists ready to roll. I will hold off posting them for the time being as I hope to get a little play testing in during the week before we hit the road for Rochester.

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