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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Very Preliminary Thoughts on Gartantuans (Trolls)

I cut my sleep a little short today so I could run out and grab my copy of Gargantuans at out FLGS so I could look it over. I gave the book a quick scan prior to heading to work and focused a little more on the trolls/minion sections. I tried to avoid looking at too many of the spoilers and forums over the last few days as I wanted to try and form my own opinions and the initial troll spoilers left me a touch flat. I am sure much of this will change but here are some of my initial thoughts:

The Hunters Grim:

I like the spell list. I think mortality is a pretty amazing debuff and a great way to negate tough. A unit of bone grinders may be a really important addition to eGrim to give that little extra range for mortality. Mirage and mage sight may be a little more situational but I also like them a fair amount. Pursuit I am not too sure of at this time but may find it has it place. Reform and circular vision granted by his pyg buddies are never a bad thing either. I think his feat is OK. It isn't an amazing feat but it isn't Gunnbjorn bad wither. I have concerns over the whole warlock unit thing however. I am worried about the potential for one of the lower def pygs getting hit with a debuff and affecting the entire unit. I like that we are now able to use both the snare gun and Headhunter in the same turn the inability to boost on the snare gun may cause problems when you really need that KD. My last big issue with eGrim is that he lost his goggles.....huh? If you had some super sexy amazing goggles would you stop wearing them? I wouldn't. I think eGrim has the potential to be pretty fun and will be in that middle ground warlock level.

Theme Force:
I like theme forces and always like to see what PP comes up with. The theme force is interesting. The first thing I noticed was the inclusion of a unit that we have no idea about....trollkin highwayman. I think the feeling is that they are the troll light cavalry but who knows and who knows when we can expect them to be released. I am not a huge fan of the units available for the theme but they are OK I suppose. Based on the minis currently available to us I don't see a great unit to be up in there and be able to mark targets for the feat. My favorite part of this them is tier two and the option to allow scout to ambush. I think a unit of scouts coming off the edge with the ability to assault could be really fun.

Night Troll:
I really don't know what to think of this guy at this time. I like the preview pictures floating around of the sculpt even if the tongue is a little out of control. It seems like he has some neat gimmicky trick but I don't seem him taking a spot from an axer, impaler, pyre, or even slag.

Trollkin Warders:
Speed 4...I hate speed 4. I had really high hopes for these guys and have to say they fell far short in my desires. I really hate speed 4. I also thought these guys were suppose to be a champion unit so I was hoping they could be added in theme forces that allow champion units but unless the wording gets changed they are not champions. The unit cost isn't bad at 5/8 and reach weapon masters are always nice. All in all these guys fall flat for me at this time. Did I mention I hate speed 4?

Trollkin Sorcerer:
The spoilers released for this guy are what caused me to stop reading any of them until the book came out. The first run of spoilers said this guy was a wa and therefor his *action upkeep removal would have been fairly crappy. His correct version make his upkeep remove far better and helps us out significantly in those match ups were debuffs ruined out day. As a one point solo I see this guy getting plenty of run. As a single wound model we will have to be careful not to get him carved off the table.

Fennblade Kithkar:
I was worried this guy was going to be a 3pt solo but was pleasantly surprise to see he was only 2pts and also FA 2. The kithkar comes in at mat 7, two reach weapons of decent strength, and 8 boxes I was pretty happy with him. In addition to being a nice combat solo his tactician ability allowing fennblades to move through each other is very nice. I can seeing fielding this gentleman on a regular basis.

Mountain King:
We know this guy move along.

OK so  those are my initial thoughts after skimming through the book once. I also threw together a first 35pt Hunters Grim list. This is what I came up with off the top of my head:

Hunters Grim (-4pts)
*Bomber (10pts)
*Impaler (5pts)
*Runebearer (2pts)
Fennblades: full (8pts)
*UA (2pts)
Scattergunners: min (5pts)
*UA (2pts)
Bone Grinders: min (2pts)
Fennblade Kithkar (2pts)
Trollkin Sorcerer: cliented to fennblades (1pt)

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