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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mail Time! New Toys!

I received a package today I have been waiting for since Templecon. I have been extremely excite and I am thrilled to have it in my hands finally. Lets start off with a little story prior to getting to the pictures shall we:

If you may recall day three at Templecon was spent hanging out and playing some demos. We headed to the board game room to play a demo of Zombicide by Cool Mini or Not.

Here are Cash and Nick getting ready to demo w me and Abe (Oh Buddy!)
After playing the demo game I was pretty excited about the game and was seriously considering buying a copy prior to leaving. I got to talking with the CMoN guy running the booth and asked about the promo characters from the season one kickstarter. I was told they are never going to be reproduced and that unless you got them from the kickstarter or off eBay you would be out of luck.....then there was a but. He mentioned that anyone buying the game would receive a raffle ticket for an abomination pack. I was unaware what that ment at the time and he explaned it came with some of those characters and some other stuff.
I was pretty much all in at this point until it was said you had to be there to win and the drawing was at 5pm. Seeing as we were leaving at 3pm there was no way I could be there to win. I left the booth and head to one of the WM tables were Zack and John were playing a game. In conversation it turned out they would still be there at 5pm so John offered to head by the booth to see if I had the winning ticket at 5pm. OK back to the CMoN booth. It turned out they only had 4 tickets in the drawing for Sunday so I picked up my copy and ticket then and there. While we were driving home I received a text from John saying he was the only person present at the drawing and that I won the pack!!!! He was going to leave it with a buddy of his to mail out since John didn't want to fly home with it to Atlanta.
That brings us to today. After I got up from my nap I headed downstairs and saw the package on the dinning room table. Here are the sexy goodies within:

 Custom dice....who can't use more dice?

What's an abomination pack without an extra abomination? there are also some more zombie spawning cards.

An extra tray of zombies. While this may seem like trouble I am really excited about this as one of our biggest issues has been running out of zombies and getting killed to the extra activation 

Now we get to the really sexy part of the abomination pack! The extra promo characters.....
Here is Dave the Geek aka Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He has a cool ability to make two molotov cocktails instead of one once he gets the two parts. 

Second out of the pack is Nick aka Lt John McClane. This is the first of the new characters I want to try out. He has tough as a built in ability and therefore ignores his first wound each turn.

Last but not least we have El Cholo aka Danny Trejo aka Machete. Shockingly he gets to start the game with....two machetes. How 'bout dem apples.
So here is my abomination pack I have been so excited to receive. I want to say a really big thanks to John (Moz) and Mike for sticking around to pick this up and mailing it to me. I really appreciate it guys and I have the first round next convention we make it to. Those of you that missed out on the season one exclusive and don't want to miss out on season two head over to the Zombicide season two kickstarter going on right now. They are up to nine exclusive characters right now and soon to be 10. Five of the promo characters are added to the base game when you buy it the rest you have to add on for $10. 

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