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Thursday, April 4, 2013

And Then There Was One

Those of you that know me in real life or follow along with my ramblings have learned that I have a terrible case of Faction Attention Deficit Disorder and some impulse control issues (see my latest issues with kickstarter). I had a small flair up of my FADD recently.

I have had a hard time not picking up Skorne for the longest time. My first pull to the faction was way back in '08 when I saw Ron Kruzie's 300 Skorne in NQ 17-20 in the staff challenge series. These four issues of NQ have had a big impact on me over the years and the staff challenge from those issues may be my favorite series ever in NQ. I was once again hit with the Skorne bug when I learned to play the game a little after MkII). I picked up the Skorne forces book when it was released but was able to hold off from buy a any minis. I have always been partial to Mordikar, Rasheth, and Zaal. I really like the idea of theme forces for Skorne for some reason. I love the feel for the Zaal force too bad immortals are kinda meh in game terms, Mordikar's theme had some elements I liked but some I didn't, and I really like the big mans theme. I was hit with the bug mildly when Domination released and once again with the release of Gargantuans. Since I have always had an attraction to Mordikar his character beast Despoiler was very exciting to me. I was also excited by Makeda3 as she looks like a blast to play and minis look really nice imo.

One of our local Skorne plays (5th street) has played Mordikar a fair amount so I texted him about Despoiler and just BS'd via text for a while. I mentioned PP keeps trying to get me into Skorne at which time 5th responded "let me know if you get into Skorne I have some stuff I may want to get rid of"...ut oh danger danger:

Nog: "Oh really? Like what?"
5th: "Rasheth, a taskmaster, bog trogs (min), nihlators (full) and maybe an agonizer or two"
Nog: "Really? Why?"
5th: "don't plan on playing him much. I didn't like him"

I have been watching a lot of youtube painting videos lately and have come across a red and gold I have really want to try out. The red is via the airbrush using VMA paints and the golds using the Vallejo liquid metal range. We already established that Rasheth is one of the 'locks I really liked and the pieces fit really well to start the theme.

Ok so I have a paint scheme I want to try and models being offered up at a discount. Any guess what happened next? Well if you guessed I bought some of them you would be the big winner....give yourself a pat on the back. I ended up picking up Rasheth, the taskmaster, and the trogs (to go with my Blindwater). The big man is currently bathing in Purple Power being stripped.

Now that I have picked up a couple Skorne minis there is only one faction left that I do not own a model for.....Retribution. And then there was only one.


  1. Oh man I know what you mean! Although I've been able to keep much of impulses in far...

    I've recently been on a bit of a Hordes kick lately, after basically playing 2 years of Warmachine (I tend to like robots over monsters), so that's the direction I'm currently heading.

    1. Haha! PP knows what they are doing getting my money away from me that's for sure. I have SO much unfinished/partially painted stuff yet I keep buying's a sickness.

      What hordes faction(s) are you working on? FYI really liked the FoS in the background of your last post.

    2. I have a 50 Legion list and a Circle one.

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