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Monday, April 15, 2013

Quiet Cave

So things have been very quiet on the hobby front as of late. I started working on Rasheth at the beginning of the month and haven't gotten anything else done on him. I have been picking up extra hours at my part time job and here at my main job and that has just been sapping my energy. When I get home I just want to veg out on the couch, play with the boys, swatch some baseball, or just sleep. The good news is that the extra hours equal extra hobby money. I know I will be picking up the Hunter's Grim in a week and a half. I am also eyeing a second airbrush. I am looking at picking up a Badger Krome to go along with the Iwata brush I am currently using.

Despite not actively doing anything hobby related I have had my mind on it a fair amount. I picked up a second Skorne 'lock the other day and have some big plans for him. I want to try out a few new things that if I can pull them off should look really sweet but also have a high chance of being destined for the stripping solution. I will go on this more once I start attempting it. I have also been really working on list building ideas for when I get to try out the Hunters Grim. The more I play with the list the more I realize you really can put anything in faction with him and see positive effects. I think I have settled on my first list and it is as follows:

Gunters Grim (-4pts)
*Rok (11pts)
*Blitzer (9pts)
*Impaler (5pts)
*Runebearer (2pts)
Trollkin Warders: full (8pts)
*Sorcerer (1pt)
Scattergunners: full (8pts)
*UA (2pts)
Sons of Bragg (6pts)
Bone Grinders: min (2pts)

I don't typically proxy minis but I will obviously have to when I play this list as we have no idea when the warders or sorcerer will be coming out (fingers crossed Gencon the latest). When looking at beasts I went with Rok for a melee beatstick that has a dmg buff built in if needed and late game closing potential, the blitzer for the volume of attacks and his animus, and the impaler for non-feat turn snipe on Grim (I hear range 17 boostable guns at mat 8+ are pretty good). When I was picking troops I had a hard time and was going back and forth on a bunch of units but settle on the three you see. I really think the warders are going to be awesome on the table and weapon master attacks against mortality targets is really nice, the scattergunners are there to spray units into the ground, and I love the SoB normally but getting to attack a mortality target with fervor up sounds like a good time to me. The last two minis were filling points but also had a purpose. The grinders give me 2" extra on mortality and the sorcerer can try and keep those pesky upkeeps off the warders. I have also been working on some Skorne ideas but those will wait for a later date.

I am picking up an extra 20 hours of work next week but I still hope to get some painting done so hopefully some wip/finished minis in the next few days.

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