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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Fat Man Begins

I haven't been able to get too much painting done over the last week and a half due to illness, work, and just being flat out exhausted. I was able to get Rasheth out of his Purple Power bath, cleaned, reassembled, primed, and started. Here are a couple shots of the big man as he currently sits:


I haven't put too much time into him at this point but he is rolling along nicely. The reds were done via the airbrush but just a few sections of shading added in with a brush. Some of the shading and highlighting is a little washed out in these photos but I am pretty happy with him. I need to do a few of the detail pieces on his dais then he will be ready to be glued back onto it. I need to finish the golds on the big guy himself but due to alcohol based nature of the Vallejo liquid gold line my palette dried out before I could finish and I got pulled away before I could get more out. The agonizers still have some mold lines I need to clean off before they are ready for paint. I think I am going to try the skin recipe PP printed for the mammoth in Gargantuans on the poor little guys. Like I said really early shots of the Rasheth but I am pleased. What do y'all think? 

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