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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cave Challenge: Week Four Update/Stretch Run

Yesterday was the end of week four on the cave challenge. I don't really have much to show so I will forgo my section and skip to the guys that do you have some photos. I have found my motivation severely lacking over the last few days and it looks highly doubtful I will will finish my list. OK on to the photos.

Oxyguy has been having to change his list up due to supply issues. He was unable to get a shifting stones UA so he painted up a Lanyssa.

Evicerae hit his groove again and banged out some more angry elves. The photos are a little blurry but I think there is something there in the background.....not sure I can tell what it is can you ;) He finished up two units of stormfall archers and a unit of battle mages. He has warcasters and solos left.

 group shot of all minis to this paint....what is that back there?

DieselDM had a very productive week four and banged out all the greylord minis for his 5th Border Legion Khador and a Kodiak. Despite being worried he wouldn't have a chance of completing the challenge all that is left on his painting table is a Spriggan.

Last but not week for this weeks show and tell is Z1G1 checking in with a full unit of iron fang pikemen. I think all he has left is a full unit of seadogs but things have changed up a bit for Z1G1 so I am not sure painting is high on his list of things to do (more on this at a later time). Here are the IFP:

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