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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cave Challenge: Week Two Wrap-up

We are 14 days into the Cave challenge and the trend of superstars, slackers, and tweeners continues. Sadly I fall into the slacker category. I have finally finished the wracks but they are the only minis that I can say are 100% finished. I posted a photo of them the other day. I have Reznik at ~95% done only needing to put the metal on all those little nubs and attach his spare wrack. I did get the two vassals closer to finish status as well but, after looking at the art in forces PoM, decided to try a few new things on these guys. I am painting a red stripe on the bottom of the robe to give it a little more pop and also red sleeves on blondie.

I also took a little time to start painting the choir not too much to show but a little paint. I also sprayed the metal basecoat on the steelheads. I need to pick out a panel or two on each mini to paint yellow metal then they will be ready for their wash. I am hoping this unit will help me pick up my pace a little. The real make or break is going to be the three 'jacks.

Oxyguy had a hit or miss week and showed the is an uber klutz. We will start with the hit part of his week. Oxyguy was able to get Grayle and his feral warp wolf painted so we are looking at a solid 14pts (counting the 'lock as 5pts) and now for the misses. Oxy has been wanting to work on his bloodtrackers but....after he sent me the initial shot he tripped and dropped them needing to reassemble them. During the week he rushed home on his lunch break to prime then and when we was walking in from outside tripped and dropped them needing ot reassemble them. So he was tacking the freshly re-re-assembled and prime bloodtrackers to his basement to paint and guess what happened? DING DING DING he tripped and slammed them into a wall. Look on the bright side Oxy 3rd time is the charm.

DieselDM finished up Beast-09 to go along with his eButcher 5th Border Legion scheme. The narrative continue over on his blog and is really fun addition to the painted photos. He is concerned he is falling behind but I have confidence he can get it done.

PG_Evicerae came off a monster week last week in which he painted 17pts and followed that up with an additional 5pts this week. I don't have the shots of his current work while I am writing this but I know he was painting 'cause all day Saturday when I was playing a practice Hardcore game with PG_Z1G1 Evicerae kept calling out letting me know he was painting at the FLGS and not "wasting time" playing games. Now that is true spite showing up at the store just to paint and rub it in :) Well played Sir.

I posted a picture of PG_Z1G1's work the other day but seeing as he fully painted a Conquest in less than a day I will re-post it here. Conquest is part of his Hardcore list for GenCon which is actually a twist on the list played at Templcon 2012 Hardcore but I won't spoil his list until after GenCon.

The last painter is Mr Scudo I haven't heard from Dave since I saw him at the store Saturday. He has done solid work on a full using of tharn with UAs and started his fulcrum. Scudo is also heading out to GenCon so I don't expect to have update photos from him until next week.

So there you have it week two in the books. I am starting to sound like a broken record but damn I need to pick up the pace. Safe travels to GenCon gentleman and bring back some sweet swag.


  1. The General is Comming!!!!!!! Now the conflict... I want to paint him, but I want to work on the Challenge.....AWWWWWWW Too Many options.

    1. Bang out the General in a day and get back to the challenge