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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cave Challenge: Week One Wrap-up

The first week of the cave challenge has come and gone with a mixed bag of results ranging from very productive to hardly productive.

I will start with myself. This week has seen a pretty poor showing by me. Work really kicked my ass and with people being under the weather here I just could find a decent chunk of time to paint. I have gotten the wracks to the point where I can work on details such as the infidel strapped to the wrack for his sins and the crows. I finally finished up the metal section giving them two washes one with my armor wash and one with either gryphonne sepia or badab black (depending on the metal). I also did a little work on my vassals with one receiving more work than the other. This week I want to get all of these partials finished, at least one jack finished, and put a serious dent in Rznik. I would also like to get the steelheads started by hitting them up with a basecoat from the airbrush.

Next up is Oxyguy. Day one of the challenge I got a text saying he was up at 4:30 to paint before work. This enthusiasm faded a little as he got distracted by is main faction which is mercs. He banged out a unit of ogrun assault corp. He was able to get some circle painted as well:

We aren't allowed to be in Circle lists but insited on being painted.

The gold start for week one goes to PG_Evicerae and his "Appleseed" Retribution. Wow was he productive. Here is his unit of sentinels and light jack (griffin?) He also did airbrush work on other minis in the army:

Although insisting he has no shot DieselDM cranked out a really nice eButcher. This army is going to be 5th Border Legion (my favorite) and was his first attempt at the green scheme. I have to say it looks fantastic. Head over to DieselDM's Blog as he is writing a really nice narrative to go along with his painting......too bad I know the ending to the store ;)

Our next challenger PG_Z1G1 has an exam he has been studying for and has not been painting much at all. He did paint up Zerkova as a study break. Z1G1 also made an upsetting discovery when trying to assemble the was missing a key piece. Hopefully PP can get his replacement to him in time so he can get it assembled and painted. His GenCon hardcore list needs it.

Last but not least is Mr Scudo. He has been having some neck and back issues this year which has hampered his playing and painting time. The begging of the week was pretty rough on the little guy but he had a good day near the end and put in some good work on this full unit of Tharn and Tharn solo.

Keep up the good work guys and hopefully next week we can see some finished minis making their way out of the cave. Time for bed!

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