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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cave Challenge: Weekend Update/Put to Shame

The weekend has come and gone and I was able to get some work done on my Menoth army. I finished up the three wracks and have Reznik 95% done. I also did a little other work on bases and random minis in the army but didn't take any photos 'cause it was enough to show really. Here are the three wracks and the man who loves to make them Reznik:

I need to freehand the text on his scroll/ribbons, paint his eyes, and put metal on all the little black circles along his loin cloth. I am also thinking about painting the crest on his helmet red to add a little more diversity to the head. I also need to paint up the wrack for his back and attach it. I forgot to clean it when I assembled his so it had nasty mold lines still.

Here are the wracks. I tried to paint all three victims with different skin tones so that they were all a touch different. I probably wasted too much time worrying about it but I am happy with how they came out. I am thinking about doing a little dried blood/bruising around the shackles but that will be at the very end if I do it.

As I was getting ready to head down to the cave I decided to look at my email and saw I had one from Z1G1 with some attachments. OK can't hurt to look at some WIPs right? Wrong. This is what he accomplished in the last 24 hours. Yes conquest was not even started yesterday.

Great job brotha and I no longer feel good about what I got done. I need to get some sleep but will have to get right to it in the am. Once again I feel really behind.

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