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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cave Challenge: Week Three Update

Three weeks down and here we are. I don't think many of us are feeling overly positive about getting done on time currently (with the exception of one or two guys). I didn't get all that much done during the week but was up at 0430 today and was able to have a productive morning prior to posting this. I have been working on the sunburst crew, attendant priest, and steel heads.

I drybrushed the bases, finished up the metals, painted the grey robe sections, and (not photoed) washed the robes and some of the chainmail with Badab black wash.

I base coated all the metal sections on the sunburst launcher and have subsequently washed it with my metal wash. My plan is to stay up late tonight and get the crew finished and add 3pts to the finished pile.

Like the sunburst crew the priest had his base drybrushed, metals finished up, grey robe basecoated, and robes washed with Badab balck. When I am workin on the crew later I hope to get the highlights done on his robe and maybe the red sections basecoated.

Here is a blurry photo of the steelheads. I did a little extra metal work this am on them and they were ready for wash. One of the metals didn't take the wash too well so I am trying an alternative approach. The remaining nine got a quick coat of matte varnish via the airbrush to see if the extra tooth from the matte will make the wash sit better on the lighter metal sections (fingers crossed) I hope to give that wash a go in the next hour or so.

Then we have an update from Oxyguy. I don't think he got a lot painted this week but he had to call an audible on his list. Due to unforeseen issues the blackclads, Lord of the Feast, and Lanyssa are getting shelved and he is swapping in Snapjaw and Wrongeye and the stone UA.

Next update is from DieselDM who continues to bang through his 5th Border Legion Khador army. This week he did a unit of doomreavers to add to the homicidal maniac feel of his eButcher force. Here is a photo of the finished unit. The swords came out really nice imo.

As always swing by Dieseldm's blog to follow the narrative and see more photos. All he has left are the greylords + escort and two 'jacks....get on it my man :)

I don't have updates from Evicerae, Scudo, or Z1G1 but Scudo and Z1G1 are recovering from GenCon and I am sure Evicerae got his stuff close to finished as he was on a major role in previous weeks. He has set a goal of two 50pt list by December.

That is that for the weekly update. Keep at it guys and best of luck.


  1. Oh No.... I havent sent pics od the done Stuff.... that will be later on today

    1. All you have sent was the argus, warpwolf, and Grayle but I put those in previous posts if you have other finished stuff I'd be happy to put it up for ya.