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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10K/Day One Progress

First off I'd like to say thanks to all of you that stop by and check out the blog. I hit 10,000 page views today which was pretty exciting. Once again thanks.

OK day one of the Cave Challenge was a little slow as both the little guys were up running around when I was walk in the door this am. They are both under the weather so that doesn't help their disposition either. I did manage to sneak down to the cave and spray a little metal on the three wracks, Reznik, and a couple minis not part of the challenge. After that I did a little more work on the wracks before heading up to bed. As you can see the one wrack is further ahead as I was using it to test out/visualize a couple things.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a little more productive. The other guys have been checking in and letting me know how their lists have started off. Oxyguy texted me and said he woke up at 4:30 just to kick off his list before work (gold start) and Evicerea has put in some serious airbrush time laying down multiple layers on most of his army.....looks like he is the leader out of the gates :) OK gotta get ready for work. Once again thanks for helping me get to 10K before the one year mark.

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