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Monday, August 20, 2012

Cave Challenge Update/ Carrot + Stick

My week off starts today so I should be excited and primed to get a bunch done but things have turned on me. Looks like we will be spending most of the day cleaning house so that will kill much of today and since my softball team has a bye tomorrow night it looks like we will be heading back to my parents for a few days. While I love spending time with my folks and the boys have a great time too I don't get any painting time. I am really setting myself up for some all nighters here in the not too distant future.

Yesterday when I got home from work my little guy was up and wanted to hang out with me so I didn't get much time to work on my army again. I did get a little time before I went to sleep to do a little more yellow metal on the steelheads and I also did the yellow metals on the sunburst crew. This is were I stood when I sent to bed yesterday.

This am when I got home I did more of the yellow metal on the steelheads and the spear tips on the sunburst crew. I also did the white metal accents on the attendant priest. After those were done I washed the attendant priest, and sunburst crew with my armor wash and set them aside to dry. A few days ago I mentioned my issue with mold lines on the choir. It turns out my OCD got the best of me and I tried to clean them up:

I went back and put brush on primer over the bare sections and will have to see if it covers OK. If it doesn't cover the way I'd like these gentlemen will have a date with some stripper (not as fun as it sounds) and get pushed to the end of the line.

OK that is where we currently stand. I hope to get back to cave later tonight after cleaning up to start putting the grey on the steelhead's inner cloth, sunburst crew's robes, and attendant priests robes. I need to get all three 'jacks done by the end of the week or I have no shot of completing this challenge.

In an effort spur myself on and give myself some extra incentive (if I needed it) I decided that if I get this challenge finished I am going to buy myself a Vessel of Judgement (it is so sexy and really want it for pSevy) but if I do not get it done I cannot buy a single mini until I fully paint my ENTIRE Menoth collection which is now in the range of 150pts (counting 'casters as 5pts each) so that could take a long time. This might be a case of cutting of the nose to spite the face but hopefully it doesn't come up and and I am placing a discountgamesinc order for a VoJ.

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