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Friday, August 3, 2012

Cave Challenge days 2 and 3

Well day two was about a much of a bust as day one. I got home from work and headed down to the cave to do some work on the wracks in hopes of getting the bases done, finish basing the metals, and washing the metals. I drybrushed all the stone work on the bases and started to put down the brown base for the dirt sections when I heard some banging and crashing upstairs. Well my four year old son decided to try and climb over the gate at the top of the stairs and, being the bull he is, crash through the gate and down the stairs. He roll a 6 on his tough roll and was unscathed but failed the command check and was rattled so my painting for the morning was done and we sat down and watched cartoons.

Day three was once again a pretty big bust. I only had about 20 min to paint today between the time my four year old went to bed and when I had to leave for work. In the time I had to paint I did the chain on one of the wracks, finished the dirt section on the last wrack, tested a base color for the crows. This is what the wracks currently look like three days into the challenge.

It may sound silly but I already feel a little behind only three days in. If we assume a warcaster is a 5pt model my 35pt list is actually 48pts of minis (the attendant is free from the tier) so to hit my mark I need to get 12pts finished every week. I knew my work weeks would be an issue and planned on picking up the slack on my weeks off but I need to be a little more production on my on weeks. I need to pick more point productive minis next week on.....maybe a jack? I might have to bring a mini or two to work and take a 15min break every night to get something done but that is not a great option. I guess this is why it is called a challenge eh?

On a possitive side it sounds like some of the other guys are having a good start. Evicerea is really flying and has done all his basecoats and multiple highlights with his airbrush. He is heading to hand painting now so that will slow him down some but making good progess. DieselDM has his 'caster nearly finished per his text this am. Great job guys. Z1G1 is studying for an exam so he is not going to get much done the first week but know him he will throw on Law and Order reruns and bang through his minis once he gets the chance. Oxyguy has been distracted by his Rhulic minis and started working on an ogrun assault corp getting ready for the arrival of General Ossrum.

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