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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cave Challenge Progress/ I'll Drink to That!

I got a little cave time over the last two days and was able to get some work done. I am by no means out of the woods but a little better off than I was. I have, for all intent and purposes, finished the sunburst crew. I have also done some work on the choir, attendant priest, and a little on the steelheads. The last thing I did before I packed it in tonight (should still be working but to tired) was block in the white metals on the 'jacks.

The foot print of the sunburst is so large it will not fit on one of my Dragonforge bases so I had to build one to try and match as closely as possible. The dirt has all been washed with brown ink and is drying. in the am it will get drybrushed and the sunburst and gunner will be glued on. I had a little bit of a SNAFU with these guys as the matte varnish came out a bit hazy. I will do what I can with this latter. I have to press on for the time being.

I need to do a touch more metal base work on these three fellows then they will be ready for the metal wash. I hope to have that done in the am tomorrow so I allow the wash time to dry prior to hitting the plates with black tomorrow evening.

Late order of business prior to bed is these bad boys. I ordered both of the con exclusive sculpts from PP to go along with my kilt lifter from a few years back. I need to get the three of them painted up and maybe to a bar scene with them all. OK time for bed. Need a big push tomorrow to have a shot. Check back tomorrow evening to hopefully see a bunch of done photos.

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