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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cave Challenge Update

I have not had a lot of success this week getting much done on my 35pt challenge. I was able to have my most productive session yesterday am as I was able to spray all the white metal base for my three 'jacks, hand painted the chain on the last wrack, and was able to base the white/yellow metals on two vassals of Menoth and then wash them. I painted the wrist clamps different colors to try and differentiate the two minis a little. I will also be painting their hair different colors when we get to that point. I was hoping to get the metal wash down on the wracks but just wasn't able to get back down to the cave. Here are a few wips to show current status.

Doesn't look much different than last photo except all three have metals basecoats finished

Base for the Covenant

As you can see I also got a little sidetracked and did a little work on the book for the Covenant of Menoth and the book bearer. I love the detail on the book and look forward to paying around with the writing/text on the pages.
I had big plans to try and get a ton of work done today but I got a phone call last night from my boss asking if I could come in and work another night. It turns out my counterpart for my 7on/7off schedule got called for jury duty so I am doing 8on/6off (uggh) Well he helped out when my wife was in the hospital so it is the least I can do...hopefully Menoth will forgive me for not getting his chosen on the battlefield more rapidly. Even though I need to come in again tonight I am hoping to get a little work done on the wracks and vassals. I am thinking about using the airbrush to apply the metal wash to the wracks as I have seen on a few tutorials by Schnauzerface but am concerned about messing it up as I do not want to have to strip these fragile models.

Oh as an fyi it appears that the Iron Agenda Blog Network page is now dead so if you are looking for your favorite IABN blogs head over to and click the IABN banner in the top right and you should see all updates for all your old favorites.

"Hurry up and paint this Reznik army so you can work on me. I mean come on man I run this show!"

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