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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cave Challenge Wrap-up

The cave challenge has come and gone with 4 of the participants hitting their mark and coming away with 35pts of painted minis. I was one of the two who didn't hit their mark. I mostly finished the three heavy jacks, choir, and steelheads but mostly doesn't cut it. Here are my last few photos:

Lets move on to the guys that are the stars of the challenge and did finish up their goals. The four painters were DieselDM, Evicerae, Oxyguy and Z1G1.

Oxyguy while having miniature acquisition issues near the end of his challenge managed to finish up and actually painted 36pts. While not playable he could drop 2pts and legally play a list at 34pts so he gets a W. Here is a group shot of his finished lot:

Next is DieselDM. He was more than happy to join in on the challenge at the get go but held fast that he didn't think he would accomplish the target.....guess what brotha? You were wrong. Here is his completed 5th Border Legion:

Now all you have to do Diesel is paint up 4 more units of Doom Reavers so you can play the eButcher theme force ;-)

Our next successful challenger was Evicerae and his Appleseed Retribution. Evicerae decided to throw in an extra 'caster for good measure and painted up Ossyan to go with the Rahn force. His overall goal was 100pts by December so even though he has a ways to go pretty go start here:

Last but certainly not least is Z1G1 and his Khador army. The last addition to his challenge force was a full unit of pirates....which is important for later ;-)

There we have it the last set of photos from the cave challenge. I need to finish up my PoM force and then I plan to play a fully painted battle and write up a full battle reports so hopefully by the end of September I can get all that up here. Thanks guys for coming along on the journey with me and showing me up by finishing your lot while I failed. I am working on a prize that will be given to one of the four successful painted but not sure what I am doing Evicerae it won't be a $500 check.

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