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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vindictus WiPs

I got a chance to work on the Vindictus. I was able to finish the grey and red cloth sections and started to pick some plate sections to be black. I still have more black to put on his armor and a few other things I am playing with in my head but here is the man at the current time:

I know I talked about bringing a "spiteful" list to tomorrows tourney in honor of my last local even with PG_Z1G1 but I think I am going to break my cherry and play Protectorate for the first time. I have been wanting to get them on the table for a while now and when I was texting with Zack the other day he said he wanted to see some of the Cave Challenge minis before he left so Menoth it is. I am also schedule to receive a package from Rob tomorrow with some reinforcements for Menoth so that did hurt my decision either. I really would like to play Vindictus but I am concerned that not having my zealot in a playable for at this time will seriously hurt his list building. OK I am beat time for bed while the house is quiet.

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