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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cleansing the Palette

After the cave challenge I really haven't had the drive to work on my warmachine/hordes minis. The cave challenge is playing a roll in this but there are other contributing factors to my disinterest in my PP minis at the current time. I did a little work on a partial Maelok but nothing to write home about. When I get in ruts like this I often find myself looking at other product lines and I am currently obsessed with Relic Knights by Soda Pop Miniatures and their kickstarter. If they were actually available for purchase I would already have bought a force but alas they are not. I am seriously looking into jumping on the kickstarter but that will be a last min call.

I am up late tonight doing laundry I need for this weekend and while I was down in the cave I decided to work on a Malifaux crew I started a year/year and a half ago and haven't touched in at least a year. I was in a rut at that time (similar to right now) and decided to jump in and get two crews. One of the crews was an outcast crew lead by Leveticus and the second was a resurrectionist crew lead by Seamus.

The first crew I started on was the Leveticus crew. The crew consisted of the box set, Killjoy, Rusty Alyce, Bete Noire, an additional blister of hollow waifs, and a desolation engine. Here is the last photo I took of the crew:

I picked up Malifaux not just as a palette cleanser but also to try out the over spray technique (zenial highlighting) I had been hearing so much about. I am not sure I did a great job with the priming but eh it was a first try. As you can see I really didn't get much done.

Fast forward to tonight: Killjoy and two waifs got some lovin'. Here is the crew in its current state:

Killjoy is for all intent and purposes done. I have my sepia wash drying on base. all I need to do is drybrush the dirt sections, clean the rim of the base, glue on some grass tufts, and matte seal him. I tried a few new things on Killjoy and I am pretty happy with the results. I added some battle damage and nicks on the flat section of the blade to give it some added depth (I like the one on the back side best). Secondly I basecoated the blade with a rust color so that there were dirtier sections showing under the metal. Lastly I did some gore and blood splatter on the blade and sections of his body. I am not typically a fan of adding gore but it seems fitting for this bad boy.

I am excited about the waifs as it give me a chance to play with some colors I never use (pink and yellow). I know I am not following the traditional inside out technique so the skin is going to be a little bit of a nightmare but hell I never make it easy on myself. I have stuff going on all day today so I won't get back to these guys for at least a day. hopefully it is sooner than a year like last time ;-)

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