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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hear His Words: By Voice or Blade

The house has been infected with pre-school illness and we have all been feeling like hell. I was able to put this aside and get down to the cave to do a little work on two minis. The first mini and the one getting the most attention is Vindictus. I love would like to say I love Vindictus. I have never played him or against him but I love his story/vibe and I really like the mini. I mentioned when I first said I was starting Menoth there was a thread on the FnF boards about a Vindictus list that sold me on the faction. Here is Vindictus in his current wip state:

So far I have his metals done. He still looks too gold but that will change. I have also basecoated the grey and red sections of robes. The grey robe has also received a wash with Badab black and once that is dry I will highlight it back up with my standard grey color build. After the grey section is finished I will move onto the reds. When I am doing the reds on Vindictus I also plan on banging out the red loin cloth sections on the three heavy jacks from the Cave challenge. Once the reds are finish it will be a simple matter of blacking out a few selected armor plates (forearms, shines, strip on the neck) and he will be ready for matte/gloss varnished. He will be put on a Dragonforge base when all is said and done to match the rest of my Menoth force.

When I washed the metal sections on the Vice Scrutator I also washed the skin and armor on this bad boy.

He was started way back at the start of the Scrum Challenge when I thought I was going to paint up three cabers (only finished one) and a full unit of warriors (only finished the UA). This gentleman will be seeing table time soon but not in a unit of Kriel Warriors.....huh? Let me know if you know what I am saying/thinking. I have to finish this guy and the other partially painted caber but first I need to find the other one. OK off to check up on sick kicks. Have fun watching football today all (go Vikes!) and I hope to have another small update on Vindictus in the next 24-36 hours.

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