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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Back on Track

As evident from the lack of blog entries after the cave challenge I haven't been "feelin it" however that seems to be changing. I took two days to do a little work on that Malifaux crew and have put them back on the shelf and I am eyeballing my trolls and PoM once again. I think there are a couple contributing actors but the most compelling is PG_Evicerae is running 25pt Wednesday tourneys again this month. I had to miss the first week due to work but I am all set for weeks two and four.

Next week tourney will have a special place in the spite section of my heart. Next week will be the last local event I get to play with PG_Z1G1 before he departs for new employment in RI. Z1G1 is one of those guys you cannot help but have a great time with. He has been an absolute pleasure to play and travel with (my co-pilot to Templecon 2012 and I was his co-pilot to Conquest Toronto). Even though he is a great guy I want to send him off in true Team Spite fashion with a quality beatin'. This had brought me back to one of my favorite past time......list building. 

I am not going to get into my lists too much right now but I have a few things I need to do with my trolls to  get to fully painted by next Wednesday. I also want to have two fully painted 25pt PoM lists by the end of the mont so I should have some wips and finished photos over the next few weeks. At the current time I anticipate playing trolls next week and PoM the following week but who know I might try and play PoM next Wednesday. I am up in the air on which troll 'lock to break out but it is between pMaddy, eDoomie, Grim, Jarl, and Borka right now. Protectorate is up in the air as well but seeing as I don't even have my zealots cleaned and on bases I think Vindictus will be out. I am looking at High Reclaimer, pSevy, and Reznik right now but pKreoss seems to be pretty forgiving on new players so might take a look at him as well.

I think I mentioned in my last post my obsession with Relic Knights by Soda Pop Miniatures and that I was considering jumping on the Kickstarter.....well my self control is well documented and I broke down. The kickstarter had 2 hours left when my will gave in and I jumped in for more than I should have (surprise surprise Nog went overboard). I entered at the Double Savior level which bagged me four factions and seeing as I can't just stop there I did some add ons. I picked up Black Diamond (I think this will be my primary faction), Noh, Star Nebular Corsairs, and the Doctrine (love the librarian model). I have all the card PDFs printed out and have been building lists already :)


  1. Welcome back!!! Missed you last wednesday hope to see you this one! They blocked this site at work:-( sux to be me...

    1. Yeah I can't make it to the Wednesday tourneys on work weeks. I tried it once and I was a zombie all night. I am in next week just trying to decide on trolls or PoM. I think trolls. Damn internet blockers are a thorn in my side as well. They recently blocked Lost Hemisphere for me.