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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Back on Track

Hey all. Well the cave has been pretty quite still. This isn't for lack of wanting just lack of availability. I haven't had a lot of time for hobby work between sick kick, work, and life in general. I did get a little work done on eBaldur and and a character for the IKRPG. First up here is Baldur in his current state. I did a little more work on his grey sections and some of the light leathers. I also base coated the beard to match my pBaldur (who I think still needs to be finished  too). Since my circle is suppose to be a "speed painted" faction for me I think I am going to highlight the skin, the green cloth section, do the gems, base him and call it a day.

I have more done on him but I seem to have forgotten to take a picture...shocker with my track record
Second up it my first character for the IKRPG. While he will be my first painted character he will. most likely, not be the main or first character I play (if I ever play). I have some troll character I am working on and I will be getting a human gun mage rifleman conversion from Rob to match the one in the last issue of NQ. If you do not get NQ here is a link to Rob's blog. This little guy is an old IKRPG mini that I had sitting around for some time. I am planning to play him as a skilled gobber (obviously) cutthroat/thief. I am thinking virtuoso daggers will be his archetype skill. I took a slightly different approach to this guy from my past gobber minis. In  the past I did my gobbers with greenish skins and I fully intended to the same with this little fellow but while he was on the table I saw my grey skin tone paint and said lets try that. I was happy with the basecoat and said lets roll with it. I feel like the grey is kinda fitting for a stealth no good dirty thief.

The primed mini. I made another attempt at preshading. Not too great but better than previous attempts.

 Skin and cloak basecoated. It was at this time I decided to stay with the grey skin.

 Metals, pants, foot wraps/belt, and sheath painted.

Washed the leather sections, cloak, skin and metals (not all the same wash)

 First highlight on skin
I still need to do one or two more layers on the skin, highlight the cloak (most likely two layers), highlight the leather sections, do detail work like eyes/teeth/nails, and then pick a base style for all my IKRPG minis. I will most likely stay with my traditional base theme but we will see. I am pretty sure I have his stat line worked out but once I have the mini full painted I will iron out the final details on this little bugger. Anyone have a good gobber name? I am at a loss.

While I primed the gobber above I also primed up this gentleman. This is the black bastard from the original IKRGP line line "Gul" above. I think he is going to be some kind of duelist/not sure. Thinking he was a member of the Order of the Amethyst Rose who left the country prior to the invasion due to some issue with his government then fell into a bottle and mercenary work. He no longer has any love for country or the underground just cash.

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  1. Looking great!
    A buddy of mine and I are currently trading campaigns GMing IKRPG so we both get to play. Great system and a lot of fun.