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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Keep on Rollin'

I have continued to work on the war wagon. I have not gotten as much done as I planned/hoped since the my folks came out for a visit and the boys decided not to sleep in this am. I have gotten a little done however and progress is being made which is a plus. Here are the last set of photos I took of the wagon.

I pretty much finished putting all the yellow metal accents on the wagon. I have a few more to do on the bison but other than that the metals are ready for their wash. I did attempt to apply my metal was to one piece via the airbrush (didn't take a photo) but wasn't thrilled with the results so it appears I will be applying the wash via brush on this entire bad boy. I did wash the big gun and wheels by hand this am but the batteries in the camera were dead so I don't have photos of them right now. I also took the time this am to basecoat my Nyss hunters via the airbrush seeing as they really are trolls best ranged unit.

Next up I wasn't to finish the yellows metals on the bison, wash the skin on the bison, wash all the metal sections, and basecoat the wooden sections on the wheels and floorboard of the wagon. If I can get through this in the next twos days I can start working on putting some of the sub assemblies back together. I am really looking forward to getting this bad boy on the table as I really like the list I have planned for it. Hopefully a post tonight or tomorrow showing continued progress before the down period I will have next week with no hobby time.

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