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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gobber Cutthroat/Thief Wips

Yesterday I woke up from my nap early and for no apparent reason. After flopping around trying to get back to sleep I gave up and got out of bed. When I went downstairs I realized the wife and boys had gone to the store so I had some "free time". I wanted to take advantage of this so I watched a couple of UFC fights I had on the DVR and hadn't seen yet (I don't watch them if the boys are up) and then headed down to the cave to work on my gobber who I am calling "Sammy" for the time being.

I was planning on highlighting the cloak but instead took a different route. Here is "Sammy in his current state:

The first thing I did was highlight the wraps around his feet and highlight his belt. Next I did two more highlights on his skin. It was at this time the family got home and I was getting summoned from the cave. The last thing I did before heading back upstairs was brush on a layer of gloss varnish to protect was painted up to this point. I do not like gloss varnish except in a few rare spots (gems) but gloss does offer a nice layer of protections.

I was able to sneak back down to the cave prior to heading to work. I didn't have enough time to get any real painting done but I did hit him with a layer of satin varnish to cut down the gleam and give me a better surface to paint on when I can get back to work on him.

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