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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little Bit New a Little Bit Old

I have been off my trolls for a little bit not but have gotten the urge to get back to work on my main faction. I am not sure what the real driving force was behind me getting back to trolls but I suspect it was one of two things. The first possible culprit being the IKRPG. I have been working on two or three trollkin characters and just ordered parts to make one of them....well to send to Rob to make for me ;-) The second contributing factor was a recent purchase I made through which should be arriving in the next two days.

In my last post I put up a photo of the assembled gatorman witch doctor I also threw out a couple Jarl lists.....well I have been tinkering with those lists and believe I have come up with the next 50pt list I plan to play. I haven't played in a month and I really want to get on the table. Based on upcoming schedule I will not be playing for the forseable future so I hope to have some quiality painting done before then.

I am getting a little bit ahead of my self and should back track a little. Lets get to the new before the old. I finished up Sammy this am when I got home from work. The last few things I need to take care of were his teeth/nails, earrings, eyeballs, and base. I am pretty happy with how this little guy turned out. I like the way the grey skin came out and I think he will be a fun little character to play if I ever get in an IKRPG group.

Here is a brief run down of Sammy's character sheet. He is a skilled (additional attack) cutthroat/thief. I selected virtuoso (hand weapons) as his skilled ability to allow him to be more accurate and deadly in melee. I took an advancement point in SPD, AGI, and PER. When it came to selecting weapons I gave him a dagger (+1 ATK rolls), an Assassin's blade, thrown knives, and a couple smoke grenades (to trigger prowl if needed). I think with the combinations of +1 ATK from the dagger, Signs and Portents from virtuoso, and anatomical precision he should be a pretty nasty little fellow in combat. You may have noticed that all three stats I bumped also go into calculating DEF so with the racial +1 DEF for Gobbers Sammy will be sitting at DEF 17 which I think should be pretty solid. I can get more into him later but just wanted to give you my initial thoughts.

Lets move on to the old shall we. The old, for the purposes of this post, is trolls and more specifically the war wagon. I got a pretty good start on the wagon back in June, when I received the assembled wagon from Rob, but haven't touched it since. The mini is really nice and deserves to be finished and see some table time....I also think it has the potential to be pretty damn fun. Here is a picture showing the current status of the wagon and the minimal amount of work I have done on it this am. I hope to have the wagon ready to play the next time I get a to the FLGS.

 Where I stopped last

 Skin and fur basecoated on mounts

Blues for some of the crew

There you have it. A little new (IKRPG) and a little old (war wagon). I should have a couple updates this week with a Friday or Saturday post showing some serious progress on the war wagon.

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