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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend gaming

Well this week was an anomoly for me I actually got games in 2 times this week. Saturday I had plans to play Quarriors! again that evening and was just planning on hanging with the family but the wife said why don't you go play some WM/H so I took her up on her offer.

I had a Jarl list which was an adaptation of my 25pt list I was excited to try out. So I packed up my stuff and headed down to mall to get a few games in. I was unpacking my army to play and I realized I forgot my Janissa......errrr. I always seem to forget something these days. Luckily I had enough gator stuff in my bag to play Blindwater instead so I did. I pull Maelok out and got ready to play. 

Maelok (-6pts)
*Wrastler (9pts)
*Boneswarm (4pts)
*Bull Snapper (3pst)
Gatorman Posse: full unit (9pts)
Wrongeye and Snapjaw (9pts)
Totem Hunter (3pts)
Thrullg (3pts)
Feralgiest (1pt)

I was going to play Eviscerae and his eLylth....Damn I wish I had my Jarl or even pull Barnabas out instead of Maelok. Well I game went poorly for me with the turn 2 feat/ranged death for my undead 'lock.

Game 2 I played Thebottlerocket. I pulled Barnabas out instead for this game. He played an eBaldur list. Great a knocked down feat against an army with the ability to shut down KDs. After a bit of fighting for position I was able to engage on my terms and kill Megalith, a Guardian, lock down the second Guardian via voodoo doll, and put some damage on Baldur. He was in a bad way at that point and was just a mater of me finishing Baldur off on the next turn. OK not a bad 2 games. I got out of the house got to BS with the guys a bit and practice my gators some more.

Saturday night I got more Quarirors! games in and I still love the game. Played 8 more games with G-Stan with me winning the first 4 and him taking the next 4. We both got a little dice Eff'd in there a few time but the game is a blast. After this last set of games it puts him up 2-1 in our best of 7 series. According to Wizkids website the expansion is due out this week so that will be interesting to see. I really want to get a few multi- player games in to see how changes but I suppose that will have to wait.

The release of Domination gave me some reading material over the weekend as well. I have to say I am not too excited about the Troll stuff. It is all fine but nothing got me really excite. The Circle stuff on the other hand is a different story. The Gallow Groves are stunning models and I am interested to see how Ghetorix and the griffon come out. The Gallow Groves got me thinking about the eKrueger theme list in one of the recent NQs. looking over the theme I noticed that pEiryss was able to be used as a minion for this list. That got me to thinking about this months paint the target over on Lost Hemisphere. This month they wanted people to paint up female minis. Seeing as Janissa and Cally are 90% painted the wouldn't work and I had no other female trolls I wanted to paint at this time so I figured this month was a pass. I think I will try and do my NQ limited Eiryss now....only 9 days gonna be tight luckily she is tiny.

OK so plans for the week: paint up Eiryss for the paint the target and assemble full Boomhowlers for the Borka Family Reunion theme force.

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