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Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov Target Hit

We were suppose to head out of town this morning but both of the boys were sick so we stayed in. This game me a little long to get a nap and still finish up this months PtT for Lost Hemisphere. I am please with how she turned out especially seeing as I only decided to do her about 10 days ago. As you can see I decided on blonde with her. Here are the final photos. As with all minis there is definitely more I could do but seeing as I don't play circle and she was, for all intent and purposes, a practice model I am good with were she finished.

I have also been working on Gudrun for my "Family Reunion" Theme force. I have heard the call and I am having a hard time resisting it. I am really into this Borka theme and decided, despite already having the Troll coin, I am going to play Trolls again this Wednesday for our last Domination event and Borka and the "family" will be there. Despite Gudrun not being in the 25pt list I have been trying out some new stuff on him and I am liking the progression. The Borka theme will be sent to Gdaybloke over at LH for a Vox Populi submission as well.

you can see the red on the end of his staff is in an orange/red color. This is the mid tone for my red hair technique and I used this tassel as a test for Kaya. After laying it down on Gudrun I decided it was too bright for our girl and that is when I went with the blonde.

I have also been working on Greygore and the boys for my Borka theme. I have a min unit in the basement primed via airbrush and ready for paint. I don't see them getting worked on much prior to Wednesdays tourney but who knows what will happen if insomnia kicks in. I still need to assemble the last four for when I bump up to 35pts.

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