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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Change of plans

OK less than 24 hours after my last post and I am changing up my plans for my paint the target mini even though I was able to assemble my pEiryss last night. A combination of things went into my decision to change up. First off I was looking at Lost Hemisphere today and realized the deadline for my paint the target is 6 days away and I don't want to rush a limited edition sculpt, second the weather here is crappy (low 30s and raining) which is terrible weather for priming, and it is a work week for me cutting down on hobby time drastically. Before I came into work tonight I was thinking about it and was about to say forget the PtT this month. As I was sitting there I looked over at my shelves of minis and saw an assembled and primed pKaya that I prepped almost 2 years ago for my step son (before he lost interest in learning the game with me).

I took 30 min to lay down a little color before I had to pack up and drive into work. I was able to get the basecoat down on her pants, boots, and cloak. Depending on how tired I am when I get home and the state of the little guys I hope to get the metals based coated and maybe wash the leathers and metals. If I can get the metals based before I need to go to sleep I will be happy.

I was also able to get Boomhowler and 2 grunts assembled so we are still looking good for getting the unit assembled by the end of the week. Seeing as winter is coming and the weather isn't going to get better for some time I really need to get my airbrush set up and start practicing with it so I can prime via the airbrush.

On a side note I put in my time off request for Templcon so now just have to see if it gets approved. As it stands the hotel is fully booked so looks like I will be crashing on the floor in one of the rooms our group already has locked up.

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