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Friday, November 11, 2011

Domination tourney

Well I skipped out on sleep Wednesday to play in one of our weekly Domination tourneys. One of the local FLGS is running weekly 25pt tourney with full Domination prize support (faction coins). We did this with the release of Wrath and it worked out really well so we continued it for Domination. I had to miss week one (11 player turnout) so I made sure I went this week despite it being a work week.

We had 10 players this week with 8 playing Hordes factions and 2 Warmachine. I went 1-2 but won the Trollblood coin by default being the only troll player that days. Game one had me match up Jarl vs Minions and a Calaban tier list. The game was pretty back and forth with Jarl finally falling with 9sec left on my opponents deathclock and one health box on Calaban....Damn you Scudo. I think the major tipping point was when I made a fury error and had my EBDT frenzy in the middle of the game. I left the one on him seeing as we was not near my 'lock like the impaler and hell he has a threshold of 10 no worries right? Boxcars....oopps.

Game 2 Jarl vs. Ossyan. This game went really well for me. All the dice were rolling hot and a crit smite from the impaler slammed a hydra in Ossy setting him up for the ranged assassination.

Game 3 eMaddy vs. eCaine and the professional Cash. I was pretty shot by this point made some big tactical mistakes and got shot down by Caine.

Next week I should hopefully be more rested and play a little better. I think I might be trying for a different faction coin but will depend on how much painting I can get done at the beginning of the week. It has been a really slow week on the painting side with little/nothing to show.

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