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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Year in the Books Another Templecon in the Books

Templecon 2013 ended two days ago and I took yesterday (my birthday) off to just hang out with the family and rest. While Templecon is a blast it really does wear you out. I don't think I slept ore than 3-4 hours any night. I did a much better job taking photos this year and keeping notes so I will be writing up posts about each day during this week.

I was able to keep from buying too much stuff up until the last day (last few hours to be exact) but here are the items I picked up:

Here I picked up some supplies and a few new items to try out. I picked up another set of wilderness tufts. I started using some of these on my Menoth army and really like them on certain bases. I don't plan on using them on my trolls seeing as I used standard static grass on my early minis but the majority of my new models will be using tufts. In the middle is a secret weapon resin base. This base is a fairly decent match of my dragonforge bases used form my PoM force. I picked this one up to add a little variety to the bases. Next there are two bottles of VGC sepia ink. As you may recall I ran out of this when I was trying to get my long riders finished for Templecon. Lastly I picked up two different weathering pigments from secret weapon. I am looking to use the violet to shade some skins and the metallic iron from metals on an upcoming project.

Here is the larger purchase I made in the last hour before we headed out of town. Here is a copy of cool mini or not's Zombicide. I will be talking about this more in my Templecon daily wrap up posts. So like the title says another year in the books and another Templecon in the books. Looking forward to Templecon 2014.

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