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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Templecon Day 0 Wrap Up

All of the guys I was traveling with made sure they had Thursday off so we could hit the road relatively early. Abe met me at my house "around" noon. I say around as he isn't the most punctual :) We packed up my car and drove the hour to Utica to meet up with the rest of our crew.

 The old man of the group Les aka Oxyguy putting the finishing touches on packing the car.
Loyal Cygnaran Abe aka Hammy44 

The dirty dirty Cryxian of our car Adam aka BloodyArcane (can't you tell from the smirk he is a Cryx player).

Another follower of the swan Nick aka Naseluk. He is also known to dabble in Skorne from time to time.
Well we hit the road and were in Rhode Island in about 4 hours. Along the way we hit one rest stop and happened to run into some fellow games heading to Templecon. I ran into Mr Boots from the Lost Hemisphere crew. After BSing for a few minities we hit the road again. Funny how small the world can be sometimes.
I am missing photos for the remainder of the night as I began to partake in the adult beverages and left the camera in the room. We met up with Zack (z1g1) and Andy (the professional) and grabbed some dinner. After returning from dinner we met up with John (Moz) grabbed our minis and headed down to the gaming hall for a few pick up games. The con hadn't even started yet and it was already a blast.   

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