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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wild West Exodus

It is official I am a sucker for Kickstarter. If I am not careful my wife is going to block it on our computer. As I mentioned a few days ago I bought into the Rivet Wars kickstarter as a birthday present to myself.

Well a few days ago this popped up on kickstarter:

I have been aware of this project as two pf my favorite people in the miniature industry have been involved in the project. The first of those two people is Rob Hawkins. Those of you that follow this blog know Rob has done some commission work for me including my Rok and Extremoth conversion. Rob has build a display table for WWX which is stunning.

You can find the rest of the gallery here:

The other person involve in the project is Tom Schadle. I have exchanged emails with Tom years ago and he was a big help in my progression in painting. He has also been a big inspiration for me. Tom has painted many of the studio minis for WWX so far and you can see some of them on his facebook here:

Well I was trying to hold strong and not get in on this but I saw that there were three of the early bird specials left at the level I was most interested in. So guess what happened?

Yup you got it. A picture says 1000 words but please shhhhhh don't tell my wife ;)


  1. I'm trying hard not to jump in on this one, because I pledged more on Rivet Wars than I originally intended to. Maybe if I move some of my old gaming stuff on feeBay, I can get in on this. It does look awfully nice. . .

    1. Haha I hear ya. I luckly didn't do any add ons for Rivet Wars. I think I would have been able to hold off a little longer on this one if is wasn't for the fact that there were 3 early birds left. I don't know why say $15 made that big of a difference but it did :)

      The more concepts they show the more excited I get. I love the new Geronimo concept.

    2. I could not resist the flyers expansion. I'm already pulling out stuff for feeBay, however - one of my local crew asked me about WWE over the weekend, so I'm going to see if he wants to split one of the deals. And those heavy add-ons are looking nice - making it hard to resist, they are.

    3. Yeah the more and more I watch this project the more and more excited I get about it. We have 5 players on board now and hoping to get a few more. Did you see that lawman robocop sidekick today? Badass when he is working for Wyatt and Doc!