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Monday, February 18, 2013

Stalled Cave/Speeding Kickstarter

I got a decent start on the sluggers at the beginning of last week but as the work week dragged on I accomplished nothing more. I was thoroughly exhausted by the time Thursday rolled around and I still had three more nights to work. I will be visiting my folks for a couple days this week so more work on the sluggers looks doubtful for a little while.

Oxyguy (Les) asked me about a tourney in Buffalo this Saturday so I may be hitting that with them. The event is a random paired team event where each player brings 25pts and plays from there. All in all the event doesn't fully sound like my cup of tea but could be a good time. I am throwing around some list ideas in my head and considering bringing either Khador or Menoth. If I go Khador it will most likely be pButcher and if I go Menoth I am pretty sure it will be Reznik. I haven't ruled out trolls though and I am looking at either Calandra, eMadrak, Borka or maybe Jarl....who knows. I will post some more thoughts on this when lists start to form in my head.

My main past time over the last few days has been following the Wild West Exodus kickstater. I have to say I am really fired up about this project and have already started working on paint schemes in my head. I read the charlie (pre-beta) rules and they seem fun and should only get better once they are tightened up in beta and then the final draft. Over the weekend the kickstated picked up some steam and added on ~10-15K which was good to see and makes me optimistic it will reach some of the really nice stretch goals.

I didn't think that the Warrior Nation would be the faction that really grabbed me....well I was wrong this faction has me pretty much all in. Here are a selection of some of the range currently available and part of my pledge level.

This is the "starter box". As you can see the boss sitting bull is pretty badass looking. I already have a really good idea on how I am going to paint the hired hands "grunts" and working on ideas for sitting bull. I am not 100% on the sky spirit guy but that's OK. 
Here is the unlocked wave two of heavy weapons. The WN guy with the Gatling gun is awesome looking and even better than the wave one heavy weapon. I have to say since he is in the picture I also love the outlaw with the .50 cal rifle.
Boss number two for the WN. I thought it couldn't get much better than Sitting Bull as a boss....well I was wrong. Here is the concept art for Geronimo and boom they out did Sitting Bull. I can't wait to see the 3D sculpt on this monster.
Here is the merc crew. As you can tell this is obviously a shout out to the amazing series Firefly. So far we only have four member of the crew but rumor is at the 200K lvl the remaining five crew members will be unlocked....(fingers crossed it is added into my level for free).

So there you have it the Warrior Nation for Wild West Exodus. I am really excited about this project and have some friends looking at it too so maybe this will be a really sweet side game for WM/H. I am trying my hardest to not get to deep into this as I have the tendency to go all in and actually end up getting too much.

I hope to sneak some hobby time later in the week so hopefully more updates on the sluggers then.

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