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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Off to Templecon.....Without Long Riders

Well the time has come to pack up the car and head to Templecon 2013. I was not able to get the long riders finished for my hardcore list so I will have to go to a back up plan there. If I stayed up really late last night I could have finished the riders but I realized the bomber wasn't finished to hardcore standards yet so threw in the towel. I was able to get the war wagon finished however and took a few quick pics before putting him in the bag.

I was able to get Horthol and the wagon finished up so not a complete loss I suppose. I really liked that hardcore list too :( oh well my painting OCD got the best of me again.

I was also able to put the finishing details on Grogspar so I will post photos of him after Templecon and he makes his way back up to the great white north and Mr Bell. Hope to have a bunch of Templecon photos and post when I get back (of I don't forget to take photos that is. Safe travels all of you heading to Templecon and those that are not have a great weekend.

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