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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Goodbye and a Grogspar (wip)

As many in the WM/H community are aware Gday Bloke over at Lost Hemisphere announced that LH as we currently know it will be coming to an end. I read this as I was walking out of work this am and felt a little saddened but fully understand where he was coming from. Lost Hemisphere has played a large roll in my enjoyment of this game/hobby and has been appointment viewing every am just to see what is going on. I have published a few article with the guys (I think three) and while not part of the inner circle felt I always felt welcome to contribute. The LH guy has provided a lot of fun hobby reads, event coverage when I couldn't go, and (for me) guys who I would happily call friends in the real world. I'd like to say thanks to you guys and best wishes in future endeavors and look forward to seeing you at Templecon.

OK After I got home from work I headed down to the cave to get a little work in before bed. I played around a little with Grogspars hat and did my wash on the skin and metals. The metals will need additional shading prior to highlighting and the skin needs to be highlighted in my normal troll progression.

I also did some experimentation on another mini but that didn't turn out so hot so he will remain locked up in the basement.

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