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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Boy Oh Boy......Can't Wait!

When DieselDM went to Lock n Load this summer he took some pictures of the hunters Grim being sculpted and those green can be seen here. Move forward to today and PP has released the studio shots of the Hunters and if you haven't seen them here they are again:

When leaders like Madrak Ironhide and Grissel Bloodsong require the completion of missions in the most remote and inhospitable reaches, it is to Grim Angus they invariably turn. He and his band comprise the first line of defense for the United Kriels. In all his tasks Grim is assisted by a pair of pygs, Muggs and Krump, that have become the core of his team. In short order the pair learned to grasp Grim’s complex system of gestured signals and to fight smoothly alongside him even in silence, all three of them coordinating precise ambushes while tracking down their enemies. Grim has taken the time to teach Muggs how to use his snare gun and has come to entrust the pyg with it, while Krump has proven quite capable of devising and implementing cunning snares even in the midst of battle.

I have was really excited about the Hunters when I first saw the artwork and greens and those in our gaming group have thrown around rampant speculation on abilities since. I am really excited now that I have seen the finished minis and cannot wait to get them on the painting table. I am a little worried about how the warlock unit thing will work and really hope these guys aren't a swing and a miss rules wise like our king was....only time will tell but they are sexy.

Quick update on the painting front....I have Grogspar ~95% finished. I did a bunch of work on him Monday finishing the shirt and skin sections and doing more work on the metals and backpack. I do not intend to post a final photo of Grogspar until after Templecon as I was Bell to see the finished mini for the first time in person not on the blog (I think he checks in here from time to time). I will post the final photos after Templecon and if he isn't thrilled with the outcome I will be more than happy to take him back for my pending pirate force. After he is finished it is on to long riders, Horthol, and a war wagon.


  1. Much like the Mountain King, I don't care what the rules and stats are, these models look too awesome to not be on the table.
    When I get around to painting some trolls, these guys will definitely be included. It's awesome to see the finished product after watching them getting sculpted at L&L.

    1. Oh I will buy him the day he is released I just hope he is fun to play and if good enough that I will want to play him more than every now and then.