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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chugging Along

Despite being a work week the looming Templecon painting deadline spurred me to be semi- productive last week. I tried to do 30-45min of painting every day and was pretty close to pulling that off. While never seeing any major progress after a session  added up. I got the fennblades nearly to "basic painting" requirements earlier last week week and focused on my long riders after that. The long riders need to meet "hardcore requirements" so are more important. The list I am hoping to play will require the unit to be table ready.


I have also did some assembly work in hopes I will finish my other projects and be able to slap a little paint on these guys before heading to Templecon as well. I assembled my third unit of runeshapers, started my forth unit of runeshapers, and assembled my second gatorman witch doctor. I still need to fill some gaps on both the runeshapers and doctor. The runeshapers were a really rough cast and I had a ton of flash and some really bad mold lines....I hate cleaning and assembling minis. I am not too worried about getting paint on the witch doctor as I have no plans for him to be in my hardcore or blood, sweat, tiers lists. I would like to get at least the runeshaper units ready for blood, sweat, and tiers as I would like to play Doomshaper's runes of war theme as one of my lists. I have been kicking around three different lists one requires two units of runeshaper, one requires three units, and the last (not sure I like it) requires four units. I still need to pick a second warlock for this event to compliment pDoomie but nothing has grabbed me yet.

I hope to grind out the long riders in the next day or so but we will see what happens. When I finish the long riders my focus will be to finish the war wagon, Horthol and the mountain king. I have no plans to put the king in any competitive play lists (maybe one) but I expect to play him a bunch in pick up games around the iron arena.

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